Finding the right staff for you, in simple terms begins and ends with Taranto Maison Recruitment. 

Firstly we arrive at your company for an on-site briefing, to give us the capacity of understanding your business.

It's an insightful opportunity of getting to know your team, the environment our candidate will be working in and importantly to focus on you, the employer and your needs.

We understand that time is of the essence and allow you to get on with your business so we can get on with ours to ensure a long and successful outcome for you, your team and the employee.

With a fine tooth comb, we then assess their qualifications, suitability, personality and check references, to obtain a short list of candidates for the position.

This will help us to discover the gold, or in other words the right people to refer for your approval.

We believe in, and have built our success and reputation on this proven recruitment process.

Taranto Maison Recruitment is a privately owned company who rely and focus on the client’s needs with hard work, dedication, attention to detail, loyalty, teamwork and passion.

Our business is helping you to improve your business with dedicated and experienced professionals.

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